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Overcoming Trauma With Inclusive, Compassionate,

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Trauma can happen to anyone and leave deep emotional scars. Whether you’ve endured abuse, witnessed violence, survived a disaster, or been in an accident, trauma takes a tremendous toll. The good news is that with the right trauma therapist in NYC, there are ways to heal and recover. Let’s explore what trauma is, how it impacts mental health, and most importantly – the proven techniques a psychotherapist uses to help you overcome trauma.

Here are the key points expanded into sentences for each bullet:

Understanding Trauma

  • Trauma refers to disturbing events like abuse, disasters, violence that overwhelm one’s coping ability, leaving them terrified or helpless.
  • Trauma can stem from a single incident or ongoing situations like domestic violence that the nervous system couldn’t handle healthy at the time.
  • Traumatic incidents physically rewire the brain to become hypervigilant to threats as a protective mechanism.

Impact of Trauma

  1. When trauma occurs, it overloads the senses and ability to cope or integrate the experience.
  2. Trauma specifically disrupts the brain mechanisms regulating emotions, forming memories, and governing the body’s stress reactions.
  3. The traumatized brain relives the traumatic event constantly through flashbacks and nightmares, while staying on high alert viewing the world as dangerous.
  4. If untreated, trauma reactions can lead to post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, angry outbursts, and inability to cope with stress.
  5. Research confirms trauma strongly contributes to many psychiatric disorders disrupting life functioning.
  6. Psychotherapy can help trauma survivors process difficult memories so the brain can heal and they regain a sense of safety.

Introducing Gita Sawhney:
Accredited psychotherapist dedicated to facilitate trauma therapy In NYC

Gita Sawhney is an accredited psychotherapist offering trauma counseling at her GS Mental Health & Wellness practice in Manhattan, New York. She warmly welcomes young adults and adults from all backgrounds who have experienced trauma or are dealing with mental health challenges.

Committed to serving marginalized communities, Gita provides a secure, non-judgmental, and compassionate space for therapy for trauma in NYC and counseling. With an empathetic style focused on empowerment, she helps individuals gain skills to heal from distressing experiences at their own pace.

If past trauma or current mental health difficulties make daily life feel overwhelming, consider seeking Gita’s inclusive, caring and compassionate support. GS Mental Health & Wellness provides judgment-free psychotherapy tailored to your unique needs so you can move forward resiliently.

Now that we’ve covered what trauma is and how it impacts mental health, let’s explore the therapeutic process. Psychotherapy provides a holistic approach customized to your situation to help you move forward resiliently.

How will Gita help you overcome your trauma?

As your psychotherapist, Gita will strive to create a caring, confidential environment for you to air painful memories freely and without judgment. Together you’ll develop coping strategies enabling you to relax, feel secure, and stay anchored in the present.

While everyone’s treatment plan varies based on their needs, even the best trauma therapist NYC would agree that the common elements of trauma counseling in NYC would include:

1. Building Trust & Making Sense of Trauma

  • Establishing safety and trust.
  • Helping organize memories so trauma stops hijacking your mind.

2. Processing Traumatic Memories Safely

  • Confronting painful memories gradually.
  • Releasing pent up emotions so the sting of trauma fades.

3. Rewiring Unhelpful Coping Mechanisms

  • Addressing risky behaviors, avoidance and self-blame.
  • Retraining the brain to respond mindfully vs lashing out.

4. Strengthening Your Resilience

  • Boosting awareness of triggers
  • Building distress tolerance and healthy coping

5. Emerging Resilient & Present

  • Memories will persist but won’t dictate your path
  • Moving forward with new coping tools

Healing Modalities Used in trauma healing In NYC

As a trauma specialist in NYC, Gita will draw upon a variety of evidence-based modalities that would be tailored to your distinct history and needs. Your trauma treatment In NYC would include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a goal-oriented, evidence-based approach that helps transform trauma-based thoughts and behaviors.

  • Trauma therapists NYC employing CBT would first teach you to identify distorted automatic thoughts that maintain suffering like self-blame.
  • Next, skills would be imparted by Gita, trauma psychotherapist in NYC, to help you consciously reshape unhelpful thought patterns into balanced perspectives to align with reality.
  • Exposure techniques are used which systematically immerse you in traumatic memories safely until associated distress fades.
  • Approach behaviors directly replace unhealthy avoidant coping as well.
  • These cognitive and behavioral skills work synergistically so you process emotions adaptively, stay grounded when triggers arise, and no longer perceive current life through a warped lens clouded by the past.
  • CBT also reduces exaggerated alarm reactions to threats.
  • With practice, thinking traps and physiological symptoms of PTSD give way to self-compassion, objectivity and resilience.
  • Over time, CBT removes trauma’s ability to dictate life’s path going forward.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy:

  • Helps you methodically confront distressing memories in gradual doses.
  • You can sit with fear cues by revisiting trauma reminders slowly.
  • Enables you to describe trauma, visit related places, view upsetting photos in a controlled setting.
  • Your brain adapts, it realizes that the present differs from the past.
  • You will get coaching regarding emotion regulation to prevent feeling overwhelmed.
  • Your memories would evoke fewer reactions over time.
  • You’ll be able to replace avoidance with confidence in resilience.
  • You’ll be able to approach triggers systematically to diminish their power over you.
  • Trauma’s grip would eventually loosen, and you’ll be able to reclaim agency over life.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT):

  • ACT is an evidence-based therapy that uses mindfulness and acceptance.
  • Enables you to handle trauma thoughts/feelings in healthy ways.
  • Helps you open up to painful memories without judgment.
  • Reduces intensity of trauma over time.
  • Helps you clarify your values and commit to positive life directions.
  • Enables you to regain control stolen by trauma.
  • Makes you stay present; and build the life you want.
  • Quiets excessive alarm reactions.
  • Fosters resilience and post-traumatic growth.
  • Enables you to sit with discomfort while acting on what matters.
  • Trauma eventually loses its grip on you; ACT helps you move forward unencumbered.

There are many paths to healing trauma through psychotherapy. The most vital elements are feeling heard, understood, and hopeful – from a place of compassion free of stigma or shame, all of which characterize Gita’s trauma counselor in NYC practice at GS Mental Health & Wellness. While the journey’s often difficult, you don’t need to walk it alone. Together with Gita, you’ll be able to reclaim your power over past trauma to thrive.

Breaking down exactly how trauma impacts the brain and proven techniques used by Gita, trauma therapist in New York, to resolve it, should offer you hope. Whether trauma happened years ago or is fresh, you deserve support and every chance possible to heal on your own timeline.

Reach out to GS Mental Health & Wellness today for trauma therapy In New York

So if you see yourself or a loved one reflected here, don’t allow stigma or shame to fester the wound further. Be encouraged that effective, compassionate trauma therapy in New York exists – focused squarely on empowering your health and moving forward resiliently at GS Mental Health & Wellness, a compassionate, inclusive, judgment free, discreet sanctuary for trauma therapy in New York City.

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